Kids Clay Room is a place where making a mess and getting dirty is part of being creative. At our studio, we teach kids how to make ceramic pieces from raw clay using their hands, molds and clay tools. This isn't your typical arts and crafts studio. Kids will use their imagination to create useful and usable keepsakes that will last forever.

Children's Pottery Workshops
Kids Birthday Parties
Clay Camps
Handbuilding and Wheelthrowing Classes

We are located at Park West Ceramics. Park West Ceramics is a pottery studio that has been conducting adult hand-building and wheel throwing classes in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood since 1997. We are now expanding our services to provide children's pottery services. For more information on adult classes visit:

KIDS CLAY ROOM at Park West Ceramics
719 W. WRIGHTWOOD • CHICAGO, IL 60614 • 773.416.4511 .

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